We live in a world where our personal lives are more and more accessible to anyone and everyone. We live in a world where our children have much more freedom than ever before. There are class and group outings and social gatherings that happen on a much more frequent basis than ‘back in the day’. At the same time, kids don’t even need to leave the house to hang out and socialize with friends as they can easily do so online.

For a while we have given our children simple mobile phones – even children as young as six – so they can contact us if they’re in trouble or need us. But phones have evolved into smartphones, with the ability to send and receive pictures and texts. Most of the phones our children use, now and in the future, have internet access, SMS, MMS, IM and email. Yes, using a system where you control their access and content – just like you do at home on the computer – is helpful to your child.

This kind of control keeps you informed, keeps you up to date with your child, and gives you the peace of mind you deserve. It’s up to you to decide how much control you want or need. Smart Protect gives you the ability to choose how involved you want or need to be.

Child access to email, phone calls, SMS are all privileges but are increasingly becoming a must-have item even for them to socially interact with family and friends. We live in a world where electronic communication is so easy and important. Being able to monitor who your child is in contact with is vital and may just be a life-saver too.

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