More Places Ban Teen Sexting in the US

As every parent of a teen with a mobile phone, sexting is a problem.

Not just a problem of racy photos and racy messages getting into the wrong hands, or the recipient being the one to pass the sext around, but a problem with the law. In many cases, a sext pic of a scantily clad underage girl sent to a teen boy, has landed that teen boy in hot water – sometimes earning him the charge of sex-offender. Read more


20 Sexting Terms Parents Should Know

By now, most parent know and understand the term ‘sexting’, and the potential seriousness of the matter when teens are caught with compromising pictures on their computers or phones, not to mention the fact teens aren’t known for discretion and a sexy photo sent by a girlfriend to her boyfriend will often make the rounds of his friends – and vise versa. Read more


Helping With Homework – The Modern Parent’s Way

Talking to other parents I sometimes I think that ‘helping with homework’ is a thing of the past. So many parents seem to rely on the Internet as the new homework helper while they’re off doing whatever it is busy parents have to do.

Call me old-fashioned, but I always try and find the time to help my kids with their homework.

Read more

Top 5 Ways To Protect Your Child From Information Sharing

We recently discussed how a study revealed how many apps share collected personal information about our children with third parties – without our consent.

Since the apps in the study weren’t named, it’s hard to know which ones to watch out for. Read more

Can You Trust Your Children’s Favourite Apps?

Parents do have a reason to be concerned with the things their children do on their smartphones, but it seems we have an even bigger concern with what the apps are doing with your children’s personal information.

The US Federal Trade Commission released a study this month on children’s apps, and the findings are very unsettling. Read more

Casey Anthony : Not Guilty Of Killing Her Daughter

For those of you who were following it, it was a weird case, a suspicious case. For those of you who weren’t following it, it’s still a weird and suspicious case.

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